1. Thread 4 beads onto the string and bring to the knot above the charm, threading the tail of the knot inside your beads to hide it. Trim the thread tail between the 3rd and 4th bead, then continue adding beads until you’re ready for flowers.

2. Once ready for flowers, loosely knot your thread where you’d like your flowers to begin and pull tight. Thread your needle onto the string and pierce a flower in its center through the premade hole and pull through. Add flowers until you’re ready for another beaded section.

3. Tie another knot where you’d like the next section of beads to begin and add beads. Alternate the above steps until your design is complete!

4. To finish, thread string back through your last beads, leaving 4 finger loop. Tie a knot and close to the end of the beads. Tuck the tail in and trim.